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3D Measurement with wenglor Precision

Pipeline Construction Company Relies on Strictest Quality Standards

When building pipelines for the oil and gas industry, the quality and safety of these gigantic steel structures have top priority. Turkish pipeline specialist Cimtas counts on wenglor sensoric’s 3D competence in order to inspect welding seams and check sections of pipe with lengths of up to 18 meters for correct diameter, out-of-roundness and precise length.

Sections of pipe weighing up to 50 tons with diameters of up to 1.67 meters can be precisely inspected for correct geometric characteristics with the 2D/3D profile sensors from the weCat3D product range. United within a massive carrier system, the patented CPMS (complex pipe measurement system) developed by Romanian machinery manufacturer Iprolam meets strictest quality standards.
A permanently installed metal enclosure, through which the piping sections are advanced and inspected, is the basis of this unique measuring system. Twelve MLWL 145 profile sensors are arranged opposite each other inside this enclosure in order to measure the radius of the piping sections and check their out-of-roundness within an accuracy tolerance of 0.01 mm. Two further sensors are positioned somewhat outside of the enclosure in order to measure straightness. Additional MLSL123 sensors inspect the welding seam for unevenness and fine fissures from above the pipe – also within specified tolerances in the tenths of a millimeter range.
Data collected from the laser sensors with the help of an interconnected industrial PC are transmitted to the company’s material tracking system via a PROFINET bus for the purpose of quality inspection, and are compared with the international standards set forth in the API 5L specifications for SAWL pipe (submerged arc-welding longitudinal). However, measurement data from the CPMS can also be displayed directly at the monitor. “Individual measurement procedures are completed in just fractions of a second. In this way, we can assure that up to 50 lengths of pipe are measured per hour,” explains responsible wenglor project manager Mihai Serban. “In addition to the time factor, in particular the sensors’ outstanding accuracy is a decisive criterion for Cimtas – this makes it possible to monitor and improve the strict demands placed on quality and reliability in pipeline construction. This saves time, reduces costs and at the same time enhances safety.”


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