Die innovative Familie der wenglor sensoric GmbH verbindet ein gemeinsamer genetischer Code.

the innovative family.

Blood is thicker than water and wenglor is a lot more than just a family company, because we’re united by a common genetic code: the passion to invent. This is what keeps us together, and it’s the reason we don’t just talk about family, but actually live it as well – every day.

Our Universe: from Tettnang to the Whole World

We’re proud of our Southern German roots – without neglecting to fulfill the needs of world markets. Continuous growth in nearly all areas of business – from traineeships right on up to R&D and sales – offers impressive proof of our innovative ability.

Our Mission: Assuming Responsibility

For us, however, accelerating growth is not associated solely with rising sales figures, but rather with ever mounting responsibility as well. And wenglor not only assumes conscientious responsibility for its employees, the company takes a responsible approach to environmental issues as well. For example, alone thanks to the use of thermal insulation and geothermal energy for buildings at the Tettnang location, CO2 emissions are reduced drastically by more than 300 tons per year.

Die Leidenschaft für das Erfinden, hält uns zusammen.
Our Passion: We Yearn for Innovation

30 years ago, we started developing and marketing individual market solutions in the field of sensor technology in the Southern German town of Tettnang. In the meantime, we’ve established ourselves as a constant with international standing amongst system and standard suppliers. Regardless of whether individualized oneoff production or large volume shipments are involved: today as in the past, our entrepreneurial pursuits are above all exemplified by demanding quality standards. That’s what makes our products so unique. 55,000 satisfied customers on nearly every continent in the world make it very clear: wenglor products are more in demand than ever.

Our Claim: We Live by a Family Philosophy

Fabian and Rafael Baur have been running the family business in its second generation since 2010. But the Innovative Family doesn’t include just the Baurs. All of the company’s employees are part of the clan, and we identify very strongly with wenglor. We will continue our success story, full of change and growth, in the future as well. And it will continue to be decisively shaped by our characteristic brand name values: “innovative”, “international” and “family operated”.

Die Familie Baur

LTR: Barbara Baur, Dieter Baur, Julia Baur, Fabian Baur and Rafael Baur.

Form your own impression!

The innovative family is united by a common genetic code. Our passion for invention keeps us together, and it’s the reason we don’t just talk about family – we live by it as well. Discover these and many other facets of wenglor’s identity in our image brochure.