Innovation Meets Innovation –

with Strong Technologies against Global Warming

We have been supporting the Swiss start-up Climeworks since early 2020 out of passion for innovative future technologies. The company has developed a technology that makes it possible to remove harmful CO2 from the ambient air and convert it into climate-neutral substances such as carbon or carbonic acid, encapsulate it or even make it usable.


Preserve the World for Tomorrow

Product quality at wenglor also takes the utilized manufacturing process, energy consumption and the use of resources into account. As and environmentally aware family business, we focus on reconciling ecology and economy for coming generations through the use of renewable energy sources and environmentally sound materials – wenglor lives and works green. weGreen.

Using Energy Intelligently

Company headquarters in Tettnang on Lake Constance has been heated and cooled all year long since 2007 by means of a geothermal heat pump. In addition to this alternative source of energy, a total of more than 600 solar panels on the roofs of the new warehouse and sales building have also been helping to reduce emissions since the fall of 2013. Roughly one fourth of overall electrical power demand is thus obtained from renewable energy sources. With all of its investments in new buildings and the maintenance of older ones, wenglor implements alternative options for power generation – for the sake of people and nature.

Smart Engineering

The development of new products involves innovative functions, exacting quality demands and economic advantages for the automation market, as well as environmentally sound design concepts. In addition to the targeted selection of recyclable, environmentally compatible materials, this strategy also includes the development of modular products. In this way, existing products can be installed, serviced and replaced at the customer’s facility in an environmentally sound fashion and, thanks to their modular design, the number of different product types can be greatly reduced. Special product features such as Teach+ setup software for Vision Systems and the EcoMode for Reflex Sensors are further measures aimed at sustainable product R&D.

Working and Living Sustainably

As a family company, it’s our duty to demand and promote sustainable enterprise and a respectful partnership with nature at all corporate levels. This begins with our employees. Economic alignment is just as much a part of the fundamental principles of our innovative family as environmentally aware thought and action. For example, we reduce emission which would otherwise result from business travel through the use of ultramodern communication standards. This is economically efficient and environmentally sound at the same time. And this is what weGreen stands for.