Firmenzentrale in Tettnang am Bodensee

Production Sites

Since 1983, we have been producing and distributing products for contact-free object detection. While the first marketable sensors were made by hand, large production machines today carry out numerous work processes fully automatically. In order to be able to produce large quantities of the highest quality and ensure 100% quality control, there needs to be firstly a competent team of professionals and secondly large production facilities. Since 1989, our products have been developed, produced and shipped in Tettnang, near Lake Constance. Along with the German production location, there has also been a development and production location in the Romanian city of Sibiu since 2001.
wenglor MEL GmbH in the Bavarian municipality of Eching near Munich was added as a further subsidiary in 2013.


The first sensors were initially produced in the attic of the company founder, Dieter Baur. Later, the fledgling company moved to Gemertsweiler, a small farmstead outside Tettnang. However, due to the company's rapid growth, the production facility in Gemertsweiler quickly became too small. In 1989, a new company building was opened in the Tettnang town of Oberhof, which has served as the headquarters to this day. Due to several expansions, the number of buildings has risen to four. Meanwhile, wenglor boasts more than 20,000 m² of floor space. Approximately 300 employees in the field of production, administration and management are based exclusively in Tettnang.
The takeover of former AFM Sensorik GmbH (since renamed to wenglor fluid GmbH) in 2012 has increased the spectrum of wenglor’s products, as well as the number of its production locations. The Temperature, Flow and Pressure Sensors are now being produced in close proximity to wenglor’s headquarters in Oberhof Industrial Park in Tettnang.

Sibiu (Hermannstadt)

In 2001, a second production and development facility was opened in the Romanian city of Sibiu for the newly founded wenglor sensoric romania S.R.L. Along with an extensive production process, numerous products are also developed in Romania. Approximately 190 skilled employees are currently working at this location.


wenglor MEL GmbH in greater Munich has also been part of the wenglor group since 2013. Specialized in 2D/3D Sensors, roughly 40 employees develop and manufacture intelligent products at the location in Eching near Munich.